Privacy Statement

AHASWARE Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “AHASWARE”) is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. Our web site is structured so you can generally visit the company AHASWARE on the web without having to reveal your identity or any personal details.
AHASWARE bases on the assumption that the use of these data and services from a user is a consent to such definition of liability.

Security of Personal Information
The server has taken strong measures to protect the security of personal data and respect your customer's requirements concerning their use. AHASWARE follows strict security measures to protect personal data of its customers to prevent unauthorized or accidental access to this personal data, their alteration, destruction or loss of, unauthorized transfer or unauthorized processing or any other misuse of personal information. As part of the data is stored on a password-protected servers with limited access.
Your personal information is never shared outside the company AHASWARE without your permission.

Use of Cookies

To be able to publish content that our customers need and want our server uses cookies in some cases.
When a person visits our server, a cookie may be placed to a customer device (if the customer accepts these files) or an information about whether the customer has visited the site may be read.

We do not share any monitored information outside AHAWSARE by any means and do not allow other companies to place clear gif files on our servers.

Chnges to this Statement

This Statement of Principles on the Use of Personal Data Server may occasionally be updated. In this case, we will also revise the date of the last update.


AHASWARE Company welcomes your comments regarding this Statement of Principles use of private data. Contact us by e-mail or post. - the principles of the use of private data AHASWARE Ltd. Prague 2004

Last Update: 9 July 2004