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Remote Meter Reading Effectiveness Analysis

The customer is a company operating electricity grid, which operates a remote meter reading GSM technology because of its reporting duty to the regulatory authority.

For several reasons, the GSM call can be unsuccessful to provide the reading. This faultiness can affect individual localities, types of metering devices, GSM terminals and/or their combinations. Solving these causes can significantly reduce operating expenses of the technology. Our solution contains complete database of the technology components and their composition, which furthermore changes in time. The solution allows to monitor the time course of the unsuccessfulness of readings, counts of calls needed for successful reading, length and cost of the calls. It allows to analyze these data also by descending to the level of individual calls and their error codes. Furthermore our solution includes log analysis tool and analysis of dependence of error rates of different errors on the metering device type and other parameters. As a whole, the implemented software solution is a useful tool to identify problems in the technology and subsequent analysis of performed optimizations.


Parameters of implementation:

  • Glassfish application server
  • ORDO 2.0 application platform
  • Database MS SQL
  • Integration of data from 4 systems


Remote Meter Reading Effectiveness Analysis